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'Drawing on Memories'


Would you like to recreate a special memory for yourself or a loved one? I offer paintings and sketches of memorable places, with personalisation to create a truly unique piece of artwork!

My most popular requests are for homes, wedding venues and local landmarks, but I will consider any landscape/cityscape you have in mind.

What makes this service so unique is the flexible way I approach any request. I can certainly create a copy of the scene just as it is, but more often than not clients request a slightly different approach. Here are just a few examples of commission requests;

  • working from smaller or lower resolution photographs

  • incorporating different features from several images

  • omitting unwanted features such as cars, scaffolding, or other 'eye sores'

  • recreating areas that are no longer there, such as a tree that has been cut down

  • changing the lighting, colouring or season

  • subtle incorporation of wedding flowers, family initials, memorable dates, or song lyrics


You can find more information below or please do contact me if you would like to discuss any ideas you have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider a commissioned painting or sketch by Drawing on Memories?

The overarching aim of my work is to produce a piece of artwork that is unique and personalised. Previous recipients have often loved the personal touches added to their painting or sketch, such as memorable initials or objects. I pride myself on getting to know specifically what you would like created, and in what way it is meaningful to you or others. 

These days it is often hard to come up with original gift ideas; people often seem to have everything they need. This offers the perfect solution to the predicament on what to buy for a loved one!

How does the process work?

Feel free to contact me via email or phone for a free, no obligation discussion of your initial ideas. If we agree on a piece of work, I will email all the details, deposit invoice, and Terms & Conditions before proceeding. Usually I work from a photo which you can email or send me. I am happy to email any updates during the process. Once the sketch or painting is complete I will email you the final version to check you are happy with the finished piece. We can arrange pick-up, delivery (in areas local to Chiswick, West London, only), or postage to yourself or the gift recipient. 

I don't have a good photo of the place I would like painted. Can you use alternative images?

To an extent I can, as long as I work within Copyright Law. There are restrictions on copying from internet images or professional photos without express permission from the photographer. I can usually source what you're looking for using the many sites that offer restriction-free images. I may also be able to utilise several different images for inspiration, along with your personal touches, to create a unique piece. 

How much will the artwork cost?

This depends on several factors; namely, the medium used (an acrylic painting may take longer than a sketch), size, level of detail,  and postage. As a very broad price range, most pieces tend to fall within the £100-£350 bracket. I pride myself in offering a service which can be tailored to your budget. 

Which payment methods do you accept?

I currently accept bank transfer, cheque, or cash as payment. If we arrange local delivery/ pick up I may also be able to provide a card payment option. 

Do you offer a framing service?

No unfortunately I do not currently offer a framing service. If you commission a painting I can offer the option of a canvas board or flat canvas paper with mount. For a painting on a canvas board you would need to source the custom frame separately, so please do factor in this additional cost and time taken. I will paint around the sides of the canvas so it is ready to hang with or without a frame (my personal preference is always to frame as it really enhances a piece!) A flat canvas painting with mount will be standard size which will reduce your framing cost as standard frames are more cost-effective.

Do you offer a gift wrapping service?

Yes I do! If you would prefer your commissioned piece to be sent directly to the recipient I can gift wrap and include a compliment card with a personal message (for a small additional fee). It is all very much tailored to your specific requirements so please do contact me to discuss further. 

How is the finished piece posted to me?

If you live local to Chiswick, West London, I may be able to deliver your finished piece to you. I post items using Royal Mail recorded delivery with insurance cover for the value of the piece, so you can be assured it is in safe hands.

Do you guarantee to meet an agreed date of receipt?

I will do everything I can to meet your requested deadline as I appreciate how important this is. The only exception to this would be in the case of significant personal or family illness, in which case we would discuss the options of a delayed delivery date or refund. 

Is there anything you don't take commissions for?

I currently offer commissions for landscape paintings. I do not do portraits or pets. I will always be upfront about the ideas you have in mind and will make sure they fall within my skill set before taking the project on (for example, I wouldn't be able to offer you an intricate painting of the entire London landscape!) 

Help, I need a gift for someone but am short on time! How quickly can you finish and send a piece?

Depending on my availability, I may be able to provide a quick turnaround within 1-2 weeks for you, however this does depend on how many clients I have at the time. I tend to have more availability during school term times. It is always worth contacting me and I'll see what I can do!

What if I am unhappy with the finished piece?

I appreciate the importance of your commission, and make every effort to produce a piece of work that you will be happy with. I am able to email you an initial draft sketch and work in progress if this is something you would like, for you to be able to provide feedback. For every client I will email a photo of the finished piece before arranging final payment and delivery. If at this final stage you are still unhappy you are entitled to request reasonable adjustments to the piece, and I will endeavour to make these to your satisfaction (please see my Terms & Conditions for more information).

Please note your 25% deposit fee is non-refundable, even if you are unhappy with the finished piece. A non-refundable deposit is standard practice when commissioning art as it protects the artist from significant losses when time and effort have been put towards a piece. 

Please look at examples of my previous work on my gallery page to get a sense of my skill base and style before deciding whether to go ahead with your commission.

How will my personal data be collected, processed and stored?

Drawing on Memories is committed to protecting any personal data you provide and process your data in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on 25th May 2018. This Privacy Policy outlines how your information is collected, processed and stored.

For further information please see Terms and Conditions

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

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