Terms and Conditions


Many thanks for considering ‘Drawing on Memories’ for your art commission. In agreeing to proceed with your artwork and pay a non-refundable 25% deposit, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions listed below;   

  • The client is entitled to a free, no obligation discussion and price estimation prior to committing to any payment. If the artist is requested to take photographs for a commission on behalf of the client, the artist reserves the right to charge for this service and will specify accordingly.

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is payable prior to commencement of work. Final payment is due prior to posting or delivery/ pick up of the finished artwork. These payments must be made within the timeframe specified on the invoice. A delay of payment may result in delay of completion and/or final delivery. The artist reserves the right to request a late payment fee of £5 per day after the deadline specified.

  • The artist will provide a written summary of the artwork agreed (via email) prior to commencement or request for payment, in order to confirm with the client that this meets their specifications.

  • The source of the image or photograph must adhere to copyright law; the client or artist must obtain permission from the owner of the image/ photograph, or source an image that allows its use for commercial purposes.

  • The client reserves the right to request updates and photos of their artwork in progress should they wish to provide feedback and suggestions.

  • The client will be emailed a photo of their completed artwork. If the client is dissatisfied with the finished artwork, he/she is entitled to request reasonable adjustments. These should not exceed two hours of the artist’s time and will not delay postage/ delivery date. Adjustments made beyond this timeframe will be chargeable at £20/ hour. In such case, the artist will clarify with the client whether to proceed and invoice the client accordingly.

  • Should any final adjustments be requested which were not initially agreed at commencement of the commissions (ie. additions that were not initially specified), the artist reserves the right to charge such amendments at the rate of £20/ hour. These additional and chargeable adjustments may also potentially delay the initially agreed delivery date.

  • The client reserves the right to view the completed artwork in person prior to final payment, but must do so at their own travel and expense to the artist’s home.

  • The artist will work within the timeframe agreed with the client and post/ deliver the finished artwork by the due date (provided that payments have been made within the timeframes specified). In the case of posting the completed artwork, the artist will use Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery with Tracking Details and insurance covering the value of the artwork.

  • In the case of the artist’s significant personal/ family illness, the client will be offered the option of a full refund or agreed delay of delivery.

  • The artist retains full ownership of the artwork until full payment is made. In the event of the client not providing full payment, the artist reserves the right to make any amendments deemed necessary for commercial purposes and advertise the artwork to the general public for sale.

  • The artist will not display the artwork on their website or social media channels without verbal and/ or written consent from the client. This consent can be withdrawn at any time and the artist must adhere to the client’s wishes.

  • When displaying the client’s artwork on the ‘Drawing on Memories’ website or social media channels the artist will not include any personal client information. The artwork will remain anonymous, unless the client has explicitly provided consent or a testimonial stating personal details of their own volition.

  • The artist reserves the right to decline any commission requests and will not request any initial payment if they believe that they cannot come to a mutual agreement that will satisfy both parties.

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