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Alice is an artist with a specialist interest in landscape and bespoke commissions. She also enjoys developing her practice within the fine arts by exploring a range of mediums, and more broadly through working with other artists and curation of exhibitions. 

Alice enjoys painting with vibrant colours and has an eye for detail, however also counters this precision using the freedom and expression of charcoal in her life drawings. 


Alice studied A-Level art and a year of Liberal Arts in Connecticut, USA. Following this she chose to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, gaining a Doctorate degree and specialising in older adult and dementia care. Her 11 years as a psychologist afforded her the opportunity to work with clients across the lifespan with a range of difficulties. Throughout this time, she continued her artwork alongside clinical practice, through a range of short courses.

Alice regularly exhibits and sells her work at a variety of local art fairs and events, however in light of the current COVID pandemic this has largely been put on hold until further notice. 


Given her extensive experience in mental health, she is passionate about raising awareness within the arts. She works as part of a small curatorial team for The Perspective Project, a social enterprise tackling mental health stigma through art and creativity. 

To find out more about this project please click here.

Affordable Art Fair 2020.jpg

Stigma Exhibition, Pop Brixton 2019

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, 2020